Death is coming

The closer death creeps up upon me the less I am able to understand the reasons for life or living.

Yes I have experienced a close family member dying and unlike television it takes decades to handle such a thing. To think I am going to put my family through such a thing when I finally leave is more horrific to me than the thought of death itself.

My life was and is still a learning experience but when all said and done what am I to do with all this accumulated learning over my lifetime if I just die. There is no logic or reason to this.

Long ago I became aware that the God story that is sold to the majority is just a nice story to give mankind with a message of a basic layout of how nice life could be if everyone followed these ideas. Not many in life do and if one thinks about it the good and evil structures actually depend on each other. The good that can be experienced in life is only understood as good when there is it's opposite to compare it to. This is not rocket science only common sense in reality. I am not saying we need to experience bad but understanding in it is needed to appreciate the great things many of us can have in our lives. From birth to death there are many ways mankind helps his fellow man. How many ways can you help?

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Importance Of Non-Duality In Life

By Alex D White

Each recuperation modality, no matter whether or not it is traditional or complimentary, is linear constructs. They stay in an international that is separate; there are two individuals a healer and a healee, the person that is doing the restoration within the land of ego mind.

Advaita tells us that the whole thing that exists is one, no one is different from one another and is somehow connected and this oneness is called as a Brahman. The challenge and the object are connected to one another in a few way and the whole thing that exists without differentiating them is not anything however Brahman. Advaita tells us that there are no other lifestyles aside from Brahman.

For an example if you are willing to build some thing or create some thing or maybe start a begin-up, it is the thoughts that acts as a totally useful tool and helps you to accomplish it. You need to never doubt the multiplied creativity of the mind when it is quiet, therefore when you are building something and you are correctly capable of withstand yourself from looking for a separate self. this may sincerely assist you create a greater effective and delightful creations, compared to the individuals that constantly speak approximately reaching the separate self, who would possibly choose, doubt, criticise and also study what it assume is its own work.

Everything is connected to a selected supply. Likewise you can also take into account a candle as an object. Whilst a candle is burned, it modifies to wax, smoke, ashes and gives of strength inside the form of light and heat. Now, while this happens there's simplest one component that remains the same, it's far the molecules of the candle and the energy, which stays steady. The problem and electricity remained within the candle, which turned into then converted to smoke, ashes and dissipated power.

Finally, the maximum critical and maximum difficult aspect for a human, exceptionally which is the toughest factor to facilitate, going thru a trade. On the way to faucet into attention itself there is several gears that we are able to decide on, however the maximum effective tool that has made several miracles over the records of humanity is give up. You may give up in the shape of prayer or within the shape of letting cross of ego, citing the idea that you are actually doing something.

You seeking to attain enlightenment is enlightenment itself, in addition you trying to come to be a character of a non-twin nature is accomplishing non-duality itself. Enlightenment is something, which lets you know that you are not cut loose the fact and you yourself are the reality.

Wherein the man or woman cognizance is involved, the non-duality tells us that if absolutely everyone analyses their very own cognizance, it is going to be tough to discover any absolute truth in the attention itself. As our individual awareness is influenced by using numerous changing mind and sensations, they're by no means going to be permanent.

Moreover it would appearance that you are on top of things of your life and sooner or later find out that you cannot control your existence. This surely tells us that non-duality cannot be received or known or named, it's already present in what we've and it is able to only be acknowledged while you experience it, as it's already going on you simply need to accept as true with it.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Important Pointers In A Depression Hotline

By Dennis Sullivan

Some people who cannot cope up with the stress mostly feel depressed. Either they became crazy or acts hostile toward themselves and to other individuals too. Before any conflicting situations occur, its best for patients to be given enough attention they need. In such manner, its possible that they wont have to resort to harm, injuries and other suicidal acts.

Some institutions have figured out a way to handle special cases that involved attempted suicidal acts. There are professionals and certain agencies that handle depression hotline. If you are someone who has this kind of job and wishes to help people, there are things you can do in your own ways. Here are few important reminders you must keep in mind.

Be non judgmental, keep calm and sympathetic too. Once you get to know the concerns of people, your main role is to lend an ear. Dont say something bad which can cause more problems. Listen first before providing your opinions. Before you give your advice, think multiple times if its helpful or not. Ideally, being calm in handling the situation might make situations controllable.

Arguments should not be considered. If you argue to a person on the line, chances are he might do things which could risk his life. Once he shows sign of losing patience and control, do acts that will make him return to his senses. Typically, depressed individuals basically need someone who would listen to what they say. Thus, its important to be very careful on what to say.

Offer some hopes. Give assurance that help can be provided and always say positive things that could deterrent an individual to continue his suicidal attempt. Alternatively, provide good suggestions and advice that will keep him calm for a long time. Keep on talking and try not to lose signs of connection so you know what is currently going on with his situations.

Never be surprised. While there are factors that are pretty normal, some might definitely surprise you a lot. But no matter how shocked you are with what you discover, its basically important to remain calm and show no sign of surprise especially in your voice. Avoid any lectures that might only cause stress on their part. Besides, putting more fuels on fire surely cause a problem.

Take the calls seriously. Depressed patients are certainly leading a troubled life. Thus, they seek attention from other people. As a matter of fact, they might require someone who will not laugh of their misfortunes. No mater what happens, prevent yourself from laughing or even make fun of the current situation. Any attempts to suicidal is a serious matter.

Dont make promises concerning confidentiality. Contact the nearest medical agency or the families and friends of an individual before its too late. Ask for an immediate help practically when you think that his situation is now into a serious level.

Working on such hotline is such an important task. When emergency arise, take the necessary actions and measures. Never let the things to turn astray otherwise you cannot helped someone. Putting the life of a person to risk and jeopardy is not good.

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Getting Involved With Suicide Hotlines

By Donald Turner

It is important to consider volunteering in a service that helps people and fosters well being as its primary aim. Crisis intervention is often a field where this comes into play. For reasons of unique to an individual, people face areas of distress in their lives. The problematic issues may be so strong it compels one to end his life. If you feel resilient enough to be of help in these areas, perhaps you should volunteer.

The first thing to ask is if there are specific populations you are curious about. Suicide hotlines are one of many specializations in this discipline. The reasons for personal turmoil vary, they might constitute rape victims, the homeless, the ostracized, sexually abused and victims of racial discrimination. You can also come at it with pure academic interest initially. Wanting to learn more about a group, make the activity a venue to augment your knowledge.

These agencies will not directly assign you to shoulder sensitive calls. One thing to expect is a training period. This is an ideally standardized process because high quality facilitation is a benchmark for a sufficiently funded institution. When you learn, you will gradually understand what it takes to assist the distressed. You will gain expertise in building rapport, listening and giving appraisals and some ethics that are aligned with the values within your agency.

Mock calls and role playing is expected. You might take turns with a partner in given scenarios. This prepares you to respond spontaneously and appropriately when confronted with callers. Difficult situations are dramatized and you might be told to successfully resolve them. These help build confidence before doing it for real.

Basic phone etiquette is also discussed during your apprenticeship period. You will be taught the importance of confidentiality, empathy and the proper techniques for conversing with others. The more hands on you become, the more you learn to react instinctively.

During your immersion, the importance of self care is revealed as well. In fast times, people have a hectic schedule. Many employees hardly think of time for relaxation. Being stationed in a crisis center hub could take a toll in the long run. Be sure to relax and rejuvenate. Take a vacation or you might eat out with family and perform recreational activities you enjoy. Having a heavy workload will cause burnout, so also prioritize some unwinding.

Self awareness is another benefit you can reap as a volunteer. When becoming involved in psychological exercises, you often discover aspects in your personality that you have yet to reveal. You potentially discover your emotional strength and hardiness.

Flexible schedules work to your advantage. Align your itinerary with the slots that are of most convenience. If a certain portion in a day could be used sufficiently, then select those shifts.

Making a difference is the ultimate result when you give affection and care to another. Social responsibility goes hand in hand with personal achievement. Because of excellent service, you may even be granted with certain job recommendations in related fields. These are just some of the perks in volunteering.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Why Reaching Out Through The Crisis Hotline Is Essential

By Susan Campbell

If you think you are amid a sea of troubles, it is imperative that you contact for help. Finding someone to talk to in the midst of challenges in life is vital in straightening your situation. Hardships accompany life as it goes on, therefore looking for an individual to speak to is essential in solving your concerns.

Having another person to confide with will drastically improve the way you see things happening in your life. If you come to think about it, having a confidant who would evaluate your issues would somehow lessen your own burden. In times of trials, you must not have any hesitations to contact any crisis hotline.

The role of help desks begins in looking for possible solutions to help you deal with your unpleasant experience. The help lines came into reality with a mission and that is to exert every effort to mend matters involving a confider. They give emotional support and assistance to those battling nightmarish events in their lives as well as for those who are tempted to kill themselves instead of solving their worries.

Victims of several forms of abuses that include rape, marital abuse, and other types of mistreatment should be counseled by these help line institutions. They are experts in supporting people who are currently facing various crises at home and at work. They have limitless roles in handling problems as well as discussing issues.

The tasks of counselors from various hotline centers are to make people speak about their concerns and encourage them to be not afraid to relay their troubles. Besides listening to their issues, these experts are responsible for maneuvering the healing process. Prior to creating solution, members of these hotlines are equipped with skills necessary in comprehending the standpoint of confiders.

The main purpose of every single helpline is to connect to an embattled individual. A support agency is also established to influence people in coming up with better decisions. The duties of the said institution are not limited to listening and protecting. They want victims to avoid inflicting violence to themselves and to the community.

In alleviating the suffering of callers, there is a lesser chance of any untoward incident from brewing. Getting the attention of the proper authorities is a must do in times of dire need to continue making the community a peaceful place for every citizen. Due to the know fact that any trouble may mar the decision making capability of some people, it is highly recommended that they call for aid.

By acting as a support system, a help line does not only offer advice, it also saves lives. People living with challenges shall not hide and continue sulking at home. You should not forget that some cases of violence happened because individuals did not do anything on their behalf. Connecting to help lines is one step closer to unburdening your load.

If you are at the middle of dealing with problems, you should know that you have the right to be guided by dedicated individuals in handling your troubles better. In order for you to have a clearer outlook regarding your difficulty in life, you should act by seeking the help of other people. Thinking that any adversity would soon pass if you relay your ill luck to counselors, then positive changes would surely happen. What it takes is having the courage to share your anxieties to the right people.

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Importance Of Positive Vibes And Wishes To Humanity

By Andrew Harris

Every day, people go through trying situations that can either break or make them stronger. These unfortunate incidences range from sickness, loss of loved ones, loss of job, failing in exams or even breakups from lovers. Anyone that can relate to such incidences feels frustrated as they tend to think that they may have failed somewhere. However, this does not mean that they need to give up. They can be encouraged to take matters positively using positive vibes and wishes from people who empathize with them.

People will often listen to everything they are told whenever they are going through a trying moment. That is why the speaker needs to use very kind words so as not to worsen what has already been damaged. Counselors and life coaches are specialists who have studied human psychology thus they feature as the best advisers. In other instances, the person can seek services from a spiritual leader to offer them words of wisdom.

Most counsellors or mentors always refer to basic ideas to help the affected person. For instance, they will ask the person to stay alone for a while so that they can see where they went wrong. Thereafter, they can be asked to let the past be the past. As they do so, they should not expect answers immediately. In the event of doing so, they should not strive to please anyone at the expense of their happiness.

Failure after the first or second attempt may discourage an individual from pursuing their dreams. Most successful people confess that they may have felt discouraged at some pint. However, this did not deter them from making more attempts up to the time they finally succeed. These individuals can act as sources of inspiration to people that are facing similar challenges.

Social media platforms are taking advantage of the mass involvement to send useful quoted to people. People have created Facebook pages, Twitter accounts an Instagram pages to send messages to people of all types. They find this platform useful since the most people tend to visit these pages more often as compared to the rest.

Scenarios such as murder attempts, rape ordeals and physical assault may cause psychological trauma on affected persons. Those who have survived these ordeals are often the best advisers since they have learned to accept their situations as they came. People will feel inclined to entrust them with their problems rather than counselors.

People tend to think that money solves everything. If that was the case, then rich people would live for long and lead happier lives than poor people. However, there are many reported cases of wealthy people checking into psychiatric wards and counselling sessions because they are facing emotional traumas.

Even though trying moments are there to keep people strong, no amount of words can explain the pain that one could be feeling at the moment. This person relies on people that are mentally stable to guide them through the healing process. Words of wisdom are often used by counselors or pastors to reassure them that life must go on.

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How To Experience Spirituality Awakening

By Gary Burns

If you lie on a bed, you get to a point where you feel that you cannot lie anymore. At the point where you feel the need to awaken, there is an uneasiness that compels you not to continue lying on the bed. This physical awakening equates with spirituality awakening as this article elaborates.

Spiritually, there is a point that you can reach where you feel the urge to become deeper in spirit. It is a point of uneasiness since your spirit needs to grow and rise beyond the current level.

The sun that becomes brighter as the morning ripens makes the nerves on your face to become more active, and they trigger a feeling of waking up. On matters of the spirit, there is a superior spirit that shoots brightness over your inner being, and you feel like making a step forward in spirit. There is also a feeling that you have work to do, and you need to assume a working condition.

Your spirit consciously plans work that you have to do. When you think about the work, you cannot continue sleeping spiritually. Service to people is the work that your Spirit constantly reminds you to do, and you have to step up the momentum of your spirit.

Physically, you can feel the urge to rise if there is a looming danger. Shouts or screams for help forces you to be on your feet, but you could be a little confused. In your spiritual life, there are calls of danger from various quarter such as preachers who warn you that your soul is about to get lost. Various books can also sound an alarm about the wickedness that is in existence.

Prayers about sins and failures from any person send a signal for you to wake up in spirit. You could be confused at the time of waking up, but the enlightenment that follows sobers you up.

In a group of sleeping people, one person who wakes up makes the rest follow suit. The same happens spiritually where you hear or read about people who woke up ahead of you, and out of curiosity, you decide to wake up.

Physical hunger equates to spiritual hunger. In both cases, you need to wake up and eat. There is the beauty that awaits your eyes when you take a trip, and you feel the urge awaken and see it. Spiritually, there is an urge to rise and see the beautiful things that unfold and display their wonders within you.

There is both an individual and collective rising of spiritual consciousness. A group of people praying about the spirituality of the nation causes its people to wake up in spirit. An alarm from a prophet also activates people in the spiritual realm to wake up and pray.

Do not be left out in the activation of spirit since it is already taking place.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Simple Steps For Finding Peace Within Yourself

By Lisa Phillips

A combination of work, family, and all the random things life tends to throw at you, can leave you feeling exhausted. Sometimes, you do not even notice that you need a break, until your body starts to fail you. One way to prevent this from happening is by finding peace within yourself. This process can seem long and tedious, but the results are worth the effort. Everyone has their way of approaching this matter, but here are some things that will be common to most.

You will notice that a lot of your stress and anxiety is caused by worrying about things you did, and things you have not yet done. Living in the present does not mean being carefree, it simply means accepting that there are things you have no control over. Forgiving yourself and other people will help you let go of the past. As for the future, you simply need to take it as it comes.

Everybody knows someone who they think needs to slow down. Maybe they work too hard or even party too much. However, when looking at other people, you tend to overlook the things you do. Taking some time to look at what you are doing, gives you the chance to evaluate your choices. After this, you should make a journal and start prioritizing all the things that need to be done every day.

To find inner peace, you first need to let go of all the negative feeling you may have. This does not mean calling people to rant or breaking all the cups. You should simply cut ties with the people who you feel contribute to these feelings. Even tidying the house can help to get over emotions like anger and grief. After doing this it will be easier to start focusing on the positive things.

Before you find peace in yourself, you need to accept the way you are. You can change some aspects of your appearance and personality, but this will need to be a personal choice. Every once in a while, schedule a day to spend alone, doing what you like. This is one of the most important steps of this journey, because it will also teach you how to appreciate other people.

Meditation is another way to find inner peace. All day, you might be surrounded by noise, and the only quiet moment you may have is just before you fall asleep. You can start by meditating for five minutes every day. This allows you clear your mind and rid yourself of negative feelings and emotions. You do not need to pull out a mat in the middle of the work day simply looking for a quiet corner, will work.

Nature can be very therapeutic. If you live in the middle of a city, try going to the park now and then. You can also join people going on hikes, or fishing trips. Simply being in this environment forces you to slow down and eventually relax.

There are numerous benefits associated with being at peace with yourself. You stop seeing flaws in everything and everyone, and this makes you a lot happier. By meditating, you sharpen the mind, and this will allow you to do one activity successfully and for longer.

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