Death is coming

The closer death creeps up upon me the less I am able to understand the reasons for life or living.

Yes I have experienced a close family member dying and unlike television it takes decades to handle such a thing. To think I am going to put my family through such a thing when I finally leave is more horrific to me than the thought of death itself.

My life was and is still a learning experience but when all said and done what am I to do with all this accumulated learning over my lifetime if I just die. There is no logic or reason to this.

Long ago I became aware that the God story that is sold to the majority is just a nice story to give mankind with a message of a basic layout of how nice life could be if everyone followed these ideas. Not many in life do and if one thinks about it the good and evil structures actually depend on each other. The good that can be experienced in life is only understood as good when there is it's opposite to compare it to. This is not rocket science only common sense in reality. I am not saying we need to experience bad but understanding in it is needed to appreciate the great things many of us can have in our lives. From birth to death there are many ways mankind helps his fellow man. How many ways can you help?

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Top Things To Learn With Regard To Sheryl Sandberg

By Melissa Thompson

There are many prominent people around the world which gained recognition because of their outstanding contribution to the society. Because of their skills and talents, they make the world a better place to live. In the field of science and technology, a lot of programmers and white hat hackers have captured the attention of many people.

Social medias in particular, are globally recognized form of virtual interaction and communication that can send and receive messages within a short period. Thanks to people like Sheryl Sandberg, she and rest make social interactions easier, simpler and swifter than before. She works as the COO of the world famous social media, Facebook. It is believed that she is one of the greatest leaders among women. Here are other things which you might be interested to know about her.

Before she got to work together with the team of Facebook experts, she spent her College years at Harvard, majoring in economics. Quite surprising, she received some honors. Eventually, she got a working experience at the US Department of Treasury and after several years she worked with Google. Another remarkable fact concerning her is that she also writes.

During her education and early years of life, apart from Harvard, she attended high school at the North Miami Beach and as expected from her records, she earned a high GPA. In the year 1991, she was considered as summa cum laude which renders her excellent in the industry. For the next years, numerous events occur both to her personal and career life.

With a government backup, Sandberg moved to a place called as Silicon Valley due to the new technology that exhibits good results. Google also show interest on her reputation and excellence and in 2001, Sandberg got to sign the official contracts. She received good positions in such company until the year 2008, with the tenure considered as great and remarkable.

After she left Google, she become a member of Facebook and later earned the position as COO. Some tasks of her involved managing multiple business operations, increasing scale of operations and leaving excellent global footprints. Not to mention that she got involved on sales management, human resources and communication and has been deemed as the first female to win a seat in board of directors.

At the age of 24, she got married and then got divorced a year later. After her divorce, in 2004, she married the Yahoo Executive, Dave Goldberg, and they have two children. It is said that she wrote about how her husband play an important role both in her career and life. The sad news is, her husband died at the young age of 47 while taking a vacation.

Although the succeeding years became a sad and depressing moments because of the loss of her husband, she continues to live and thrive. Due to her continuous and dedicated support, she leaves an impressive remark to everyone. The good results seen in her works reflect how excellent she seems to be.

People like her are remarkably great and impressive at what they do. With their constant dedication to give a hand to people, they bring remarkable results. When you are inspired to work because of her stories, put some effort to reach your dreams and make them possible.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Attributes Of Sheryl Sandberg

By Jennifer King

Success is attained by people who work hard and focus on their goals. This has enabled most leaders to reach their influential positions. Nevertheless, for a woman to reach to one of these leadership positions, she has to go through a set of challenges and will be required to work harder than the male counterparts. For instance, sheryl sandberg is among the successful women holding a big position in an influential corporate. She advocates for women leadership and her advice and attributes are outlined below.

Following her path and counsel, engaging other people in developing an idea to a concrete project is necessary. Team work is vital in realizing the goals that one has in life, and thus women should learn to cooperate with different individuals to gain influence and become leaders. This way, each person can contribute what they are strong in and help in developing the ideas to great heights.

One has to be ready for criticism. Getting to the top in the current structures takes a lot of hard work and disappointments. Great women manage to overcome these struggles, but they also face criticism for asking women to lean on their careers. Despite the critics, one has to be ready to keep the head level and find solutions to such. One has to accept that not everybody will agree with their stand towards something and therefore not to give much attention to critics.

The road to leadership positions is not a straight line. There are obstacles along the way, and one has to go around them to reach the apex. Sandburg had to overcome the challenges that she faced when she felt depressed after being widowed. Fighting against your inner self will help you win against any external force that may come in your way. Therefore, one has to take up from scratch and beat all odds.

Keep a reliable connection with others. Networking helps in guaranteeing influence. Having a group of trusted personalities will aid you in connecting and getting ease in acquiring certain things. For instance, colleagues can give you an idea and be ready to commit their resources in propagating it. Sandburg is part of the elite group that comprises of powerful women. Therefore, she invites them in various conferences to spread her message to the world.

To get an audience, you should speak up with courage about things which matter to you. On a personal basis, she has a strong feeling about gender biases and wants to see more women get into power. As such, she has been involved in various conferences where she gives speeches on things ladies ought to do so they can achieve their goals.

Work towards an idea and develop it to become a successful project. It takes efforts and courage to develop an idea. Thus, do not let a dream go to waste due to fear of criticism or financial strains. When you start it, support will come from other who will be touched by the project. Sheryl has dedicated her time and efforts to improve the livelihoods of fellow women.

Have an open mind towards various opportunities. Having this in mind, you will have a greater chance of attaining a bigger position in life. The limits that academic qualifications close us in should not apply when we are seeking jobs or applying for various opportunities. Despite the duration that Sandberg learned in, she ended up in internet based corporate.

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

6 Steps In Buying Codestiny Book

By Ronald Schmidt

You are for sure a victim of false presumptions before. That is when you do not give utmost importance of the literary pieces and other educational materials you own. For sure, the future happenings would force you to recall what you learned before in school. That point of realization would be too late since you are not going to make up the lost books of grammar for business letters. There might be sources over the net but, you could not classify the valid ones.

There is a need for you to keep those items because not all have been able to go to an educational institution like you. The longer you cared, the older the textbook would grow on you because they are kept maintained. A Codestiny book is another product that you will not need to throw. This is because it gives recommendations to all commercial enterprise owners on solving problems with client rapport.

You may not notice that it cannot be bought anywhere else because it is only available to accredited sales offices. There is a need for you to do actions which are going to be useful in this transaction finding it. That only applies to persons who do not have it. When you are included in that population, then you should consider the following ideas.

Primary, the searching over the web. Yes, this action mentioned in this aspect is important. This event is going to take place because you should get the ideal store for this scenario. The purchase must be made legitimately for your safety. Do not conform to the societal standard which enables anyone to do their impulsive actions. For sure, you always want to avoid that from happening.

Two, click on a reliable source. When there is a proper consideration to the aspect above, then you apply it in here too. That is because you might not receive the item you will order. Numerous bogus companies are posting their fake offers. You must be aware of that. It could be the one you are choosing. That is why people from this field would like to recommend having a list of those fake companies.

Third, Author checking procedure. For sure, you would do this. That is just normal. Everyone wants to experience having no issue in receiving the product. They might provide you a wrong model when you do not mention the person who is responsible for this item. You shall be required to do that for your savings of time and money.

Fourth, Sign up to their portal. There would be registration procedure which might be needed here because it can certify that you are a real client from their bookstore. They are tired of having received many unpaid transactions because it cannot help their salary. You have to accomplish this because you might not be entertained by the workers who will help achieve to acquire the material you searched.

Fifth, Method of paying. Your action on this attribute is essential because it would support the legitimized order you placed. Next thing that will inevitably happen is they will get the money you have sent them. There will be a good effect with that completion. You could not be useful in your case when you have not discerned among the choices on how to send your financial liability to order.

Senary, Delivery options. Yes, in this attribute you still need to discern which practice applies to you. This means you should also look for the schedule that you might have. Never expect that you could get the parcel without thinking at the moment of its arrival which could affect your business or work. Plus, you must understand the current regulations based on it.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Interventions Towards Positive Psychological Change

By Thomas Gray

People have various ways to acquire fun. We have specified days or seasons of the year where we set aside resources to spend on such occasions but we ought to know that the virtue of happiness in this life is a cyclic affair. Scholars have hypothesized that being happy can be a stimulating factor towards living a good life. Consider the following tips to help achieve your case of positive psychological change.

Richness and prosperity. These two factors coexist. You will not expect to have the kind of joy a wealthy person has with that of a poor fellow. It can differ, but regardless of the situation, all have some amount of fun they enjoy. It all depends on what you offer to go for and the level of luxury you desire to have at your disposal. Notably, it is your choice that guides the quality of fun you experience.

Buying experience, unlike possessions, yields happiness. The kind of feeling brought about by acquiring the experiential items cannot be compared to that enjoyed by possession of any material things. Having to purchase tickets to show up for that show or performance will most likely give you higher satisfaction than having to buy your best meal or wearing the best garment in fashion.

The science of gratitude. How thankful we are for the favors our buddies do us can make a very big difference in our lives. Research has shown that most of us who are grateful have higher chances of encountering similar advantages in their where about. Learning to say thank you to whoever does you good makes you express the sense of appreciation that the other party will desire to experience.

Complacency and belief. Learn to be satisfied with the advice you are given by your seniors and believe your guts in doing the right thing. Strive to make best arguments and derive the most amicable solutions to challenges that come your way. Empathize with your neighbors for a peaceful coexistence and for you to enjoy life whenever you are associating with them.

Afford a sneer. If you get to remember the best experiences in your life, you find yourself smiling all through. It is a moment that you think how well you performed your assignment to make that valuable achievement. This inevitably motivates you to perfect your input and have better results so as to retrieve such a good feeling repeatedly.

Compassion. You realize that your friends develop some form of likeness when you succeed in your endeavors. It draws to their attention the kind of approach you partake your duties, and they are eager to learn and portray the same to become better and recognized. You can associate with people from different classes because you have what it takes to make a sensible argument whatever the argument may be.

Exercise. Keeping fit is the probably the best way to manage any form of stress. Enrolling for the gym or going to the field to practice will help stretch out your muscles, burn excess calories and help you get the kind of a relief to keep you going. It benefits mental health and enables the free flow of blood to every tissue of the body.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Experience The Convenience Of Reading Codestiny Sheryl Sandberg

By Sandra Young

Reading is known as crucial approaches for tutelage and spending holidays since it removed the tensions from your repetitive and mundane routines. As youngsters, your senses are charged with stories, specifics, and knowledge, however as you progress, you omit those topics. Secondly, it is known as the best approaches for improving your intellectual abilities.

If you planned to enhance your senses to attain more finesse against others, you should only understand, explore, and discover matters that are hidden. In relation with that, understanding Codestiny Sheryl Sandberg is the best practice to expand your personal perspectives and education. Genres such as fiction, health related articles, educational, self help books, novels, history, and science fiction are being offered since it enhanced your spirits and intellects.

Since human intellect is called as endless processing materials that need to be fed with specifics, knowledge, and stories, thus reading shapes and energizes your minds. Usually, your concentration can be diverted away from worrying about negative standpoints. Aside from that, it sustains adeptness considering it provides intellectual exercises, rather than being unused, stale, and dormant.

You need to make it your goal to read novels amid exploring and early mornings. Amid other cases, if you neglected those methods then you miss some important subjects which result to deprivation of the most recent specifics, knowledge, and stories. Due to this, you are forced past your boundaries which have bound your true skills.

Written in this article are the benefits you attained from reading books that meet your interests, requirements, and demands. Generally, it diverted your focus away from repetitive lifestyles, worries, and challenges as it brings you to other dimensions, places, and lands. Particularly, it offers specific insights about various traditions, cultures, and customs you never understood.

It permits your minds and minds to discover new approaches of seeing, perceiving, and thinking about topics that are once masked. During common situations, it was known as the best causes of education considering it delivers greater advantages and distinctive overall advantages. It has the ability necessary to activate your imaginative and curious factors which lead to apprehending new skills.

It is called as sources of ease considering it becomes your mentors which feed your soul and intellect with daily motivations. Other life values are provided by those subjects where creators take you to other lands, dimensions, and places that any advanced materials are untrained of providing. If you wanted to widen your awareness, knowledge, and perspectives then it was useful to reach aims.

It delivered extensive arrays of numerous topics considering it tends to centralize on deeper topics and factors unlike documentary shows. Because your intellects and souls are similar to those resources, data has to be delivered within steady durations to obtain comfort, ease, and relief. Without inculcating those innovated resources, you became dormant, unused, and stale.

When intellects are not stimulated by those pieces of information, it causes boredom and amidst other instances, mundane and repetitive lifestyles. It is filled with its capability to feed your curious souls with endless origins of knowledge, stories, and specifics. In relation with that, it expands perspectives wherein curiosity becomes your guides to read books.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Importance Of Non-Duality In Life

By Alex D White

Each recuperation modality, no matter whether or not it is traditional or complimentary, is linear constructs. They stay in an international that is separate; there are two individuals a healer and a healee, the person that is doing the restoration within the land of ego mind.

Advaita tells us that the whole thing that exists is one, no one is different from one another and is somehow connected and this oneness is called as a Brahman. The challenge and the object are connected to one another in a few way and the whole thing that exists without differentiating them is not anything however Brahman. Advaita tells us that there are no other lifestyles aside from Brahman.

For an example if you are willing to build some thing or create some thing or maybe start a begin-up, it is the thoughts that acts as a totally useful tool and helps you to accomplish it. You need to never doubt the multiplied creativity of the mind when it is quiet, therefore when you are building something and you are correctly capable of withstand yourself from looking for a separate self. this may sincerely assist you create a greater effective and delightful creations, compared to the individuals that constantly speak approximately reaching the separate self, who would possibly choose, doubt, criticise and also study what it assume is its own work.

Everything is connected to a selected supply. Likewise you can also take into account a candle as an object. Whilst a candle is burned, it modifies to wax, smoke, ashes and gives of strength inside the form of light and heat. Now, while this happens there's simplest one component that remains the same, it's far the molecules of the candle and the energy, which stays steady. The problem and electricity remained within the candle, which turned into then converted to smoke, ashes and dissipated power.

Finally, the maximum critical and maximum difficult aspect for a human, exceptionally which is the toughest factor to facilitate, going thru a trade. On the way to faucet into attention itself there is several gears that we are able to decide on, however the maximum effective tool that has made several miracles over the records of humanity is give up. You may give up in the shape of prayer or within the shape of letting cross of ego, citing the idea that you are actually doing something.

You seeking to attain enlightenment is enlightenment itself, in addition you trying to come to be a character of a non-twin nature is accomplishing non-duality itself. Enlightenment is something, which lets you know that you are not cut loose the fact and you yourself are the reality.

Wherein the man or woman cognizance is involved, the non-duality tells us that if absolutely everyone analyses their very own cognizance, it is going to be tough to discover any absolute truth in the attention itself. As our individual awareness is influenced by using numerous changing mind and sensations, they're by no means going to be permanent.

Moreover it would appearance that you are on top of things of your life and sooner or later find out that you cannot control your existence. This surely tells us that non-duality cannot be received or known or named, it's already present in what we've and it is able to only be acknowledged while you experience it, as it's already going on you simply need to accept as true with it.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Important Pointers In A Depression Hotline

By Dennis Sullivan

Some people who cannot cope up with the stress mostly feel depressed. Either they became crazy or acts hostile toward themselves and to other individuals too. Before any conflicting situations occur, its best for patients to be given enough attention they need. In such manner, its possible that they wont have to resort to harm, injuries and other suicidal acts.

Some institutions have figured out a way to handle special cases that involved attempted suicidal acts. There are professionals and certain agencies that handle depression hotline. If you are someone who has this kind of job and wishes to help people, there are things you can do in your own ways. Here are few important reminders you must keep in mind.

Be non judgmental, keep calm and sympathetic too. Once you get to know the concerns of people, your main role is to lend an ear. Dont say something bad which can cause more problems. Listen first before providing your opinions. Before you give your advice, think multiple times if its helpful or not. Ideally, being calm in handling the situation might make situations controllable.

Arguments should not be considered. If you argue to a person on the line, chances are he might do things which could risk his life. Once he shows sign of losing patience and control, do acts that will make him return to his senses. Typically, depressed individuals basically need someone who would listen to what they say. Thus, its important to be very careful on what to say.

Offer some hopes. Give assurance that help can be provided and always say positive things that could deterrent an individual to continue his suicidal attempt. Alternatively, provide good suggestions and advice that will keep him calm for a long time. Keep on talking and try not to lose signs of connection so you know what is currently going on with his situations.

Never be surprised. While there are factors that are pretty normal, some might definitely surprise you a lot. But no matter how shocked you are with what you discover, its basically important to remain calm and show no sign of surprise especially in your voice. Avoid any lectures that might only cause stress on their part. Besides, putting more fuels on fire surely cause a problem.

Take the calls seriously. Depressed patients are certainly leading a troubled life. Thus, they seek attention from other people. As a matter of fact, they might require someone who will not laugh of their misfortunes. No mater what happens, prevent yourself from laughing or even make fun of the current situation. Any attempts to suicidal is a serious matter.

Dont make promises concerning confidentiality. Contact the nearest medical agency or the families and friends of an individual before its too late. Ask for an immediate help practically when you think that his situation is now into a serious level.

Working on such hotline is such an important task. When emergency arise, take the necessary actions and measures. Never let the things to turn astray otherwise you cannot helped someone. Putting the life of a person to risk and jeopardy is not good.

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