Death is coming

The closer death creeps up upon me the less I am able to understand the reasons for life or living.

Yes I have experienced a close family member dying and unlike television it takes decades to handle such a thing. To think I am going to put my family through such a thing when I finally leave is more horrific to me than the thought of death itself.

My life was and is still a learning experience but when all said and done what am I to do with all this accumulated learning over my lifetime if I just die. There is no logic or reason to this.

Long ago I became aware that the God story that is sold to the majority is just a nice story to give mankind with a message of a basic layout of how nice life could be if everyone followed these ideas. Not many in life do and if one thinks about it the good and evil structures actually depend on each other. The good that can be experienced in life is only understood as good when there is it's opposite to compare it to. This is not rocket science only common sense in reality. I am not saying we need to experience bad but understanding in it is needed to appreciate the great things many of us can have in our lives. From birth to death there are many ways mankind helps his fellow man. How many ways can you help?

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Understanding Codestiny Sheryl Sandberg CEO

By Ann Allen

In life, there are times when most people go through a hardship of one kind or another. For many, this can be in relation to the loss of a loved one. In the case of Facebook CEO and Lean In Founder and expert in codestiny Sheryl Sandberg, it was in relation to the loss of a husband and father of the Sandberg children.

In the days following the loss, devastation and destruction were the only emotions which Ms. Sandberg felt at the time. As such, the Facebook CEO and founder of Lean In decided to document those feelings. Now, the businesswoman and widow shares the story of loss, grief and the ability to rebuild in a new book called Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience and Finding Joy.

With the main point of the book being to teach others that what most believe is true, that grief never goes away, people can do move on in life. For, while there will always be sadness related to the loss of the loved one, life often can get better over time. In the case of Ms. Sandberg, the initial grief and associated experiences led to the focus and title of this new book which is now available online and at bookstores around the world.

While most people would rather a loved one be present after death, this is not an option. As such, Sheryl calls this Option A. Whereas, Option B allows for others to substitute or sit in for the lost loved one. As Option A is not available, then Option B becomes the only possibility. So, after using Option B as a mantra, Sheryl began to face the adversity head on in the realization that nothing could replace that which the businesswoman had lost.

As with the first book Ms. Sandberg authored which was a best seller in 2013, Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead, the new book also has an online counterpart. Ms. Sandberg is donating all proceeds from the book to, which is a nonprofit initiative of the Sandberg family foundation. The organizational website and online discussion forum works to help individuals build resilience and discover meaning while going through adversity.

Whether facing a hardship due to the loss of a loved one, friendship, relationship or job, it can often be important to find support. In many cases, there are groups in most areas which provide ongoing support groups related to these type losses. Most often, these groups are listed on social networking websites and through a number of social service platforms.

As anyone who has lost a loved one knows, one often feels isolated, alone and like nothing can make things better at the initial time of loss. In fact, even when others whom have experienced such loss suggest that life will get better in time, individuals have a hard time believing this to be the case. Whereas, with the right amount love and support, most people can and do move forward, once again finding joy and happiness in life.

Eventually, most people realize that moving on and moving forward in life is okay. In many cases, memories of those lost becomes a mainstay for overcoming grief while processing the loss. In doing so, many have reported having the ability to build a strong resilience to grief during the process.

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Factors To Consider In A Codestiny

By Carol Miller

Having a partnership with related businesses involvements increases the chance of making enough progress within a very short duration. This is also very effective to survive in a very economical market. Even so, one should be very careful in every consideration made with respect to this to avoid failing in the long run. The following are some of the important aspects in a codestiny one should bear in mind.

Acknowledge your potential partners. Being critical with the personnel whom you enter into the corporation with reduces chances of a conflict of common interest as a result of competition. This even makes it possible to narrow down to the most important people in your chain supply. Assuming you are a supplier, you should put interest in main product manufacturer and the subsequent supplier below your position.

Have a common management board. To minimize inferiority complex with minor partners, it is important to have a common board which represents the different aspects of your businesses. The personnel should have different expertise to ascertain that all the broad categories of a chain supply are represented. This work best for new entrepreneurs since they can acquaint with the market from a wide range of experienced personnel.

Formulate goals to achieve. You need to have valid agendas to set the track in your attempts. These objectives are meant to influence the growth in every partner involved despite the fact that they do not focus on individual interest. Deciding on a couple of them is recommendable as far as there is a limitation of time and they are achievable as well.

Check for reliable means to enhance your relationship. A tactical chain management needs a sound method that will enhance growth and sustainability of your agendas. Issues like mistrust should be avoided by having a common product to deal with especially when the manufacturer is involved. In case of a conflict of interest, you should have reliable means to solve the issues to avoid a possible break out.

Create your service delivery as your key aspect. Your end customer should be your whole focus as a co-destiny. Their satisfaction in your services and availability of your products in the market should be your main agenda altogether. As a group, you have a mandate to check on viable target customer, collect information about their preferences and devise means to ascertain their satisfaction. This will even avoid dependency of other manufactured product to supplement your supplies.

Ascertain that you have maintained and improved your productivity depending on your growth, assuming that your attempts bear fruits, you need to assure that there are enough products to sustain the demand. This does not guarantee that the product standard should not be maintained but should be improved to attract more consumers.

Assess your progress to make the right adjustments. Certainly, you need to evaluate your progress with respect to your objectives. This is important to check on setbacks and strengths in your undertakings and improve in line with them. This will also enhance your relationship since you can be able to evaluate issues individual members and help out as a team.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sheryl Sandberg Activist, COO, A Woman Of Honor

By Donna Nelson

While women are now making it further in business than ever before, it is still a struggle for many. When it comes to Sheryl Sandberg, it is a struggle the young activist and author met head on before becoming a Chief Operating Officer at Facebook and founder of Learnin dot com. As such, the young business woman has moved up corporate ladders only men could climb in the past.

Ms. Sandberg started this journey when born on August 28, 1969 in Washington, D. C. Later, making a home in Menlo Park, California, United States of America. Then, upon graduating high school, she became a proud graduate of Harvard University with a Business and Masters in Business Administration.

Ms. Sandberg, a proud Democrat now faces challenges in both business and politics. While Chief Operating Officer and board member at Facebook, Sheryl also sits on the board of several other corporations and organizations. As such, there are many goals which remain challenging for the young businesswoman.

Ms. Sandberg sits on the board of several corporations including Facebook, The Walt Disney Company, Women for Women International, Center for Global Development, V-Day and SurveyMonkey. While married to two different individuals, each marriage ended in divorce though only after having birthed two children.

As an I. T. Executive, activist, author and feminist, the woman is a power house of knowledge when it comes to the business world. Also, the first woman to sit on the board of Facebook, Sheryl has made a huge statement in the ability of women to climb corporate ladders that mostly men, and only a few woman had been able to climb over the last few decades.

Having attended grade school in Menlo Park, California, then high school in Florida, the student learned early on the importance of flexibility and change in life. Something that has most likely helped in getting the young business woman where she is today. For, the more an individual learns about adaptability and flexibility at an early age, often the further one is going to go in life.

For, during her school days, Sheryl became sophomore class president and sat on the executive board. The teenager also taught aerobics while still attending high school. While at Harvard, the young college student received a number of awards, co-founded an organization related to women in economics and graduated with honors.

It was in 2007 when Sheryl met Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of Facebook. The two met at a holiday party held by Dan Rosenwieg. While having no current role open for a Chief Operating Officer, Mark knew the young business woman would make a great one. As a result, Facebook opened up the position and hired the up and coming executive.

Ultimately, the businesswoman will continue to face challenges related to business, government and politics. While this is the case, it is clear the woman has the knowledge and power to meet such challenges head on. As a result, whether a business or political challenge should arise, there is no doubt Ms. Sandberg can overcome the challenge in a professional manner with dignity and respect for all involved.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Most Effective Type Of Positive Psychological Change

By Jennifer Green

Time and time again, it has been proven that being positive, can be helpful in so many ways. However, reaching this goal is not an easy task. It is especially difficult to achieve positive psychological change when you have been through something tough in your life. You are most likely to be negative. You will need encouragement and motivation.

Change is never easy, no matter what anyone says. You may want to change a certain part of your character. You may want to become less angry or work on various relationships. Sometimes people are trying to change you which is obviously not the right approach. Although it is not easy, it is definitely possible.

There are a couple of things that people are under the impression which does make them happy. They keep on moving around in circle, thinking that they are being positive. For example, work and money may make someone happy. It will make them feel great about life. However, this is just a pleasure. Socializing with drugs and alcohol will put you on a high, but there is the next day when you will have to come down from that high.

When you have positive people around you, you will find that there is less negativity in your life. People like this will not talk about how bad the world is being run. They won't talk about their aches and pains. They will simply be thankful and friendly. They will have a smile on their face, and this should make you happy.

As people become more positive about life, they will also begin to socialize more. They will have fewer psychological emotions that drag you down. Depression and anxiety are common for people who are negative about life. People who are more positive tend to be curious.

Someone who withdraws will not see anything positive in their life. This is where you need support. Although this is temporary, you will still need support to help you get through this tough time. Change doesn't occur overnight. The first step for anyone is to be willing to want to make the change.

The kindness that you give and receive at the same time will eliminate negative feelings. It will put a smile on your face. Often, you will find yourself laughing, which proves wonders for the person who is depressed. Someone who is less positive about life is usually anxious.

Many people believe that it is necessary to be practical about this. For example, they will encourage someone who is battling to change to engage in a healthy diet along with an exercise program. Spending time in meditation in the morning will help you unwind. It is great to do this before the day starts as you will release a lot of the stress that you are carrying around with. You will forget about your anxious feelings and it will help you as you go to work or you begin your routine.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Best Tips On How To Further Your Career From Sheryl Sandberg

By Ruth Reed

If you are planning in advancing your career, then you need all the pieces of advice you can get in the world. With the many motivation speakers in the field, you may be spoiled for choice on whom to pick. Here are tips on how to further your career from sheryl sandberg to help you.

Choose what you like best. What your heart desires in life would be the best option. That option should make you happy, keep on fighting and going on and on without losing morale. Therefore, avoid taking a path just because so and so is doing it or it is the newest thing in the market.

Mentorship is important. You should have someone in your career path that inspires you in life. Hence, identify one individual, find out more about him and make efforts to meet him. If you manage to book an appointment with him, request him to be your mentor and ask him all the questions you have always wanted to ask him.

Be strong in life. Taking a professional path is not for the faint-hearted and you have to develop the never give up attitude. Therefore, whatever obstacles you may face in the journey, be strong, and keep on moving. In addition, always remember that there is a living God who can give you the strength you need in battle.

Involve your life partner in your dreams. If you are married and have family responsibilities such as taking care of the kids and other chores, then you should request your partner to help you. Therefore, the responsibly should be divided equally among you regardless of the sex. This will give you ample time to balance between your work and career.

Stop pleasing people. In this world, not everyone will be pleased with what you do and you should not try so hard to please them. As a result, take a career path that your heart desires and not something, which is being forced down your throat. It is your future that you are planning and nobody should dictate the terms for you.

Have a plan in place. You cannot go into the battlefield without having a plan on how you are going to execute the mission. What you need to do is come up with a plan on how you will raise your funds, number of years you will need to undergo training and what you hope to achieve.

Taking risks is necessary. Many people are afraid to undertake a particular career path because they fear making mistakes, thereby making them a punching bag for haters. This should not be the case because you can only learn from making mistakes. Just like the saying goes, it better to try and fail, rather than be a coward.

Lastly, identify people to support you. In day-to-day life, you will face obstacles that may make you want to give up. This is where friends, family members, and professional colleagues come in to help. As a result, identify a few people whom you can turn to when things get thick. In addition, do not forget them when you make it in life.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Top Things To Learn With Regard To Sheryl Sandberg

By Melissa Thompson

There are many prominent people around the world which gained recognition because of their outstanding contribution to the society. Because of their skills and talents, they make the world a better place to live. In the field of science and technology, a lot of programmers and white hat hackers have captured the attention of many people.

Social medias in particular, are globally recognized form of virtual interaction and communication that can send and receive messages within a short period. Thanks to people like Sheryl Sandberg, she and rest make social interactions easier, simpler and swifter than before. She works as the COO of the world famous social media, Facebook. It is believed that she is one of the greatest leaders among women. Here are other things which you might be interested to know about her.

Before she got to work together with the team of Facebook experts, she spent her College years at Harvard, majoring in economics. Quite surprising, she received some honors. Eventually, she got a working experience at the US Department of Treasury and after several years she worked with Google. Another remarkable fact concerning her is that she also writes.

During her education and early years of life, apart from Harvard, she attended high school at the North Miami Beach and as expected from her records, she earned a high GPA. In the year 1991, she was considered as summa cum laude which renders her excellent in the industry. For the next years, numerous events occur both to her personal and career life.

With a government backup, Sandberg moved to a place called as Silicon Valley due to the new technology that exhibits good results. Google also show interest on her reputation and excellence and in 2001, Sandberg got to sign the official contracts. She received good positions in such company until the year 2008, with the tenure considered as great and remarkable.

After she left Google, she become a member of Facebook and later earned the position as COO. Some tasks of her involved managing multiple business operations, increasing scale of operations and leaving excellent global footprints. Not to mention that she got involved on sales management, human resources and communication and has been deemed as the first female to win a seat in board of directors.

At the age of 24, she got married and then got divorced a year later. After her divorce, in 2004, she married the Yahoo Executive, Dave Goldberg, and they have two children. It is said that she wrote about how her husband play an important role both in her career and life. The sad news is, her husband died at the young age of 47 while taking a vacation.

Although the succeeding years became a sad and depressing moments because of the loss of her husband, she continues to live and thrive. Due to her continuous and dedicated support, she leaves an impressive remark to everyone. The good results seen in her works reflect how excellent she seems to be.

People like her are remarkably great and impressive at what they do. With their constant dedication to give a hand to people, they bring remarkable results. When you are inspired to work because of her stories, put some effort to reach your dreams and make them possible.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Attributes Of Sheryl Sandberg

By Jennifer King

Success is attained by people who work hard and focus on their goals. This has enabled most leaders to reach their influential positions. Nevertheless, for a woman to reach to one of these leadership positions, she has to go through a set of challenges and will be required to work harder than the male counterparts. For instance, sheryl sandberg is among the successful women holding a big position in an influential corporate. She advocates for women leadership and her advice and attributes are outlined below.

Following her path and counsel, engaging other people in developing an idea to a concrete project is necessary. Team work is vital in realizing the goals that one has in life, and thus women should learn to cooperate with different individuals to gain influence and become leaders. This way, each person can contribute what they are strong in and help in developing the ideas to great heights.

One has to be ready for criticism. Getting to the top in the current structures takes a lot of hard work and disappointments. Great women manage to overcome these struggles, but they also face criticism for asking women to lean on their careers. Despite the critics, one has to be ready to keep the head level and find solutions to such. One has to accept that not everybody will agree with their stand towards something and therefore not to give much attention to critics.

The road to leadership positions is not a straight line. There are obstacles along the way, and one has to go around them to reach the apex. Sandburg had to overcome the challenges that she faced when she felt depressed after being widowed. Fighting against your inner self will help you win against any external force that may come in your way. Therefore, one has to take up from scratch and beat all odds.

Keep a reliable connection with others. Networking helps in guaranteeing influence. Having a group of trusted personalities will aid you in connecting and getting ease in acquiring certain things. For instance, colleagues can give you an idea and be ready to commit their resources in propagating it. Sandburg is part of the elite group that comprises of powerful women. Therefore, she invites them in various conferences to spread her message to the world.

To get an audience, you should speak up with courage about things which matter to you. On a personal basis, she has a strong feeling about gender biases and wants to see more women get into power. As such, she has been involved in various conferences where she gives speeches on things ladies ought to do so they can achieve their goals.

Work towards an idea and develop it to become a successful project. It takes efforts and courage to develop an idea. Thus, do not let a dream go to waste due to fear of criticism or financial strains. When you start it, support will come from other who will be touched by the project. Sheryl has dedicated her time and efforts to improve the livelihoods of fellow women.

Have an open mind towards various opportunities. Having this in mind, you will have a greater chance of attaining a bigger position in life. The limits that academic qualifications close us in should not apply when we are seeking jobs or applying for various opportunities. Despite the duration that Sandberg learned in, she ended up in internet based corporate.

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